8 Steps to Factory Reset Your Gmail Account in 2021

Factory resetting your Gmail account will allow you to delete all the information in your account and start fresh. This is a great option for people who have a new device and want to sync their email on it, or if they are selling their old device. Here are 10 steps that will show you how to factory reset your Gmail account:

What is Factory Reset Email?

Factory reset is the process of returning a device to its original state. When you factory reset your Gmail Einloggen account, all mail messages and other data will be deleted from your Google Account on the web or in an app. A full backup was previously taken before going into this process so messages and notifications won’t get lost. The email account will be returned to its original account settings with the newly set password.

Why Factory Reset Email?

Email can be a valuable tool for businesses, but it can also lead to company data loss and security breaches. Even if you maintain strict email policies at your workplace, there are still risks associated with using emails as the primary form of communication. It is possible that an employee could inadvertently send sensitive information to the wrong person or attach documents they should not have. This is why it’s important to regularly factory reset your emails as a part of the IT security maintenance process.

Factory Reset Email securely deletes all sensitive data on the entire email server, and secures the company against unauthorized access by deleting log-in information for accessing email from alternate devices like web browsers or mobile phone apps.*

8 Steps to Factory Reset Your Gmail Account in 2021

1) Log in to your Google Account

2) Click “Settings” in the lefthand sidebar of the page

3) Click “Delete Products” under Accounts & Privacy

4) Scroll down until you see “Gmail” and click on it

5) Click “Remove Product” below Gmail at the bottom of the page – this removes access from your

6) Click “Remove” in the pop-up window

7) Once it’s removed, on the left side of your Google Account page you will see “Delete products” – click that

8) Click “Delete” in the pop-up window

If you want to delete all of your emails on a particular device and then set up another email account, this process is for you! Here are the steps:

(Note: A factory reset will remove everything from your Gmail Account — including contacts, calendars, etc.) – Log in to your Google Account

How to Change Your Gmail Password

If you need to change your Gmail password, there’s no better time than now. Here are the steps:

Visit google.com/accounts and click on Sign-in & Security. Navigate to Password at top of the page and select Change Password from the dropdown menu under “Password Requirements.” Type in the old password if prompted for it. Type in a new password, type it a second time to confirm and click Change Password.

How to Write a Business Email | Growth Hacking Tips

A business email is usually written for professional conversations between two parties. It is really important to write an appropriate and well-structured business email to ensure that it has the maximum impact. As people have completely transformed their professional communication and have chosen business emails as a suitable medium, one should know how to write a business email.

Tips to write a business email

There are some fundamentals that need to be kept in mind while writing a business email. If one has mastered the art of writing an efficient email, there’s nothing to stop them from creating the maximum impact.

1) Short and relevant subject – Even though your email’s subject plays a crucial role in making sure that your email is read, it is important to make it relevant. There are hundreds of emails pending in inboxes of some people and they don’t find it important to read every one of them. Hence, your subject should be crisp, relevant, and catchy. It should draw the attention of the recipient and make them open it. However, relevance is the top priority.

2) Never forget brevity – Brevity is really important while writing a business email. It should be concise and only have things that you want to be conveyed. Adding extra information that is not needed will just mean clutter and serve no purpose. Nobody likes to read information which they already know. People also are not very fond of reading emails that have an information overload.

3) Include banners/attachments/URLs if necessary – Including attachments in a business email can increase its authenticity in the eyes of the recipient. If you want to redirect the reader to a different website, make sure that the URL is easy to spot.

4) Professionalism – When it comes to sending a business email, go through it once or twice before clicking on the send button. Always maintain professional conduct and address the recipients in a professional manner. Use a formal tone and never abbreviations or words that might seem informal. You also cannot afford grammatical errors or wrong sentence formation in a business email. Be careful for happy pancake.

5) Opening and closing should be in sync – A proper opening to the text of your email ensures that people start reading your email with much more attention and make sense of what you want to say. An attractive opening to your email is essential if you want the readers to read the whole email and not skip it midway. While it is important that the opening of your email is good, the closing carries as much weightage. Never forget to include your details and add closing remarks before sending your email. Closing remarks are a message to the recipient regarding how they should respond to the email.

Hence, following the above steps is really important if you want to excel in the art of writing business emails. Don’t forget to include your alternate contact details in case you want to be contacted by the recipients in the future.